Passaggi 120x80 olio su legno Creativity 20x20 olio su legno trattato 2017-In love 74X17 Open mind Tramonto marchigiano Always blu 80x70 Night in black Pensiero di luce The beauty of truth 92x14 olio su legno IMG_3669 Through midnight IMG_4031 IMG_3860 IMG_3424 Calore 65x33 In contrast 59x29 Orange 59x29 Rebirth 90x31 IMG_2927-2 Illumination world 59x23-2 Partial lighting 64x22 Through you 50x70 Like a jump 60X90 Ecstasy 64x22 The sky passion 59x29 59x23-1 Sunset 59x29 Entry level 59x29 Alba 27x12 Like a dream 58x20 Little drums 58x28 When a day change 50x29-2 The way to heaven 38x14 2016 THANKFUL 80X50 Blues music 50X80 In red 40x40x2 2016-Can happen olio 35x50 2016-The queen 40x50 In the storm 40x50 Raphael 35x50 2016-The unknown path's 60x60 2016-Let it be 60x80 (1) IMG_0458 IMG_8900 IMG_1893 The catching 52x27 IMG_9103 When you'll come 45x35 javascript lightbox galleryby v6.1